Press Releases

21-JUL-09   SKC Signs New Manufacturer Representative - Motion Design Incorporated (MDI)

09-JUL-07   SKC Corporation Retains KMA Sales to represent company products in Chicago and Milwaukee areas.

24-APR-07   SKC Corporation Announces Personnel Promotions in U.S. Offices.

24-JAN-07   SKC Corporation Retains Underwood Sales Corporation as Sales Representative in New England.

27-NOV-06   SKC Announces Personnel Additions and Changes in U.S. Office.

14-AUG-06   SKC Increases Sales Channels.

30-JUN-06   SKC Matches New Steppers to Customer Needs.

04-NOV-05   SKC's 36 mm x 0.9 degree stepping motor compacts everything, including the price.

05-OCT-05   SKC's Fluid Dynamic Bearing Motor brings a new spin to colorwheel technology.

05-OCT-05   Aggressive expansion seen for SKC with opening of East Coast operation.


27-AUG-07   CASE STUDY: SKC-Amerigon Partnership
SKC and Amerigon partnership provides a turnkey solution for advanced automobile climate control.

01-MAR-07   Control Engineering: Stepper Motion Evolution  [External link]
Inherent control simplicity, miniature motors and drives, and higher torque density of stepper systems add up to a viable alternative to servo motion for certain lower-power applications.

01-SEP-06   Appliance Magazine: Stepping Inside  [External link]
From the outside, the new SST43D motor may appear to be a standard NEMA 17 stepper, but a redesigned interior reportedly provides NEMA 23 performance.

28-MAR-06   Appliance Design: Motors Spinning Free  [External link]
Fluid bearing technology meets tough demands for big-screen television.